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Welcome to webside of our boats and rafts renting company. We operate on Vltava river and austrian rivers.

Instructions for boat riding

Safety Instructions for boat riding


By signing these statements, the client confirms the following:

a) The client was acknowleged with the conditions of going down the chosen route and is fully competent for boat riding.

b) The client received a boat with all its equipment – especially paddles and safety equipment – life vest. The client was acquainted with the usage and all safety precautions and undertakes to use them in the proper way. The client received a map of the route.

c) The client is responsible for all the people going down the river with him, in a boat he received from Rafty-Vltava s r. o. And is obligated to instruct all the people using the boat, as well as giving them safety equipment and ensure its proper usage. The client is particularly obligated to exclude the people who do not fit there requirements.

d) Going down the river is in the clients own responsibility and danger and is obligated to follow all safety rules and be cautious.

e) The client is obligated to follow the trip route, which is shown to the client on the map of the route. The client had to follow all instructions of Rafty-Vltava s.r.o.

f) The client must not go down weirs, for which travelling down them is forbidden or not recommended.

g) Going down all the other weirs is only permitted in these conditions:

 • it is a weir that is possible to go down

• it is a place intended for going down a weir

• the water level is not higher than usual

• the client is fully skilled, comperent and proficient to ride a boat

• the client is following all the instructions given by Rafty-Vltava s. r. o.

• The client is going down the weir in a usual way – forwards

• the client is going down the weir with cuation and concentration


h) In case of higher water levels, a problematic situation or any other obscurity, the client is obligated to contact Boat Rental Rafty-Vltava s.r.o. - tel no. +420 608 081 730

i) The client is obligated to stick to the Safety regulations for boat riding and to all the rules about going down the river valid for the route or other locations he passes through. In case of not followint these rules, Boat rental JeduVodu s.r. o. Does not take responsibility for these actions.

 j) The client is obligated to use the items handed over by the boat rental Rafty-Vltava s.r.o. only how they should be used, and in a way that will not affect their future usage or damage them. It is highly forbidden to purposely damage the equipment – for example with fire, by cutting it, throwing it, drawing on it, or peeling of the company logos and sighns. The client is aware that the inflatable rafts should not be left on direct sun – it could lead to its damage. When the client is on shore for a longer period of time or after finishing the trip, he is obligated to deflate the rafts in time and put them into the shade.

k) Boat rental Rafty-Vltava s.r.o.does not take responsibilitay in case of damage on health or personal belongings of the clients when using rented sports equipment, boats and rafts. The client is responsible for his own health and personal belongings, as well as the health of others on the boat, or those who will be using the boat and wquipment with him. The client is obligated to instruct and acknowledge all other users about the rules, terms and conditions for using the item that is rented and all others statements mentioned above.

 l) The client is obligated to return the boat with all the equipment by 18:00 (6 pm), unless boat rental Rafty-Vltava s.r.o. estimated a different time. In case of not being in time, boat rental Rafty-Vltava s. r. o. Is authorized to charge the client a suitable fee.




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